Newbesto trowelmachine parts

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Newbesto trowelmachine parts

We sell several separate trowel machine parts. It might be more economically to simply replace damaged machine parts rather than buying an entirely new machine. Our quality parts are made by highly skilled technicians.

Our technicians can make custum made parts on demand as well. If you are interested in machine parts that are not on the website, then you can leave a message on the contact page.

Newbesto Gearbox

Newbesto 64 edge gearbox

The Newbesto gearbox that is shown here is used for the B-426 Edge Machine, Newbesto gearboxes come in different forms and sizes for all newbesto machines. Please contact us for the best Gearbox for your machine.

Newbesto Beltguard

Newbesto Beltguard

The Newbesto Beltguard protection plate is used for the B-426/ B-436 and B-446 Trowel machine, this beltguard can easily be replaced in case it gets damaged, Keeping your machine and your operators save.

Spider Plate

Newbesto Spiderplate

Our Newbesto spider plates form a great foundation for your trowel machine. Because of their great quality they can ride relatively easely over high spots and recuire less passes to create a flat surface.

Lifting Eye

Newbesto lifting eye

The Newbesto lifting eye is build especially for transporting your trowel machine. Our new model is both reliable and easy to use. for more details feel free too contact us.

Newbesto Belt

Newbesto Belt

This belt is used for the 720-8m-30 Ride-on Trowel, When the machines have worked on many heavy jobs, it is wise to replace this belt that is easy too replace

Pressure Plate

Newbesto Pressureplate

Newbesto pressure plates are build for quality and durability.

Yoke Arm

Newbesto Yokearm

Our Newbesto yoke arms are custom made based on your specifications and will be a fantastic asset for your trowel machine. Our technicians can deliver great quality regardless of which kind of yoke arm you would like.


Newbesto Handlebar

The Newbesto trowel handelbar is a great item if you are looking for a new strong handelbar for your trowel machine. Our handelbar is made out of chrome, and is designed to provide greater leverage and a higher degree of control over your machine.

Trowel Arm

Newbesto Trowelarm

Trowel arm for B436 model. Our Newbesto trowel arms are made by our highly skilled technicians and can be used to attach trowel blades to spider plates of your trowel machine. They are well matched to our spider plates and have a high a durability as a result.

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