Newbesto trowelmachines


Newbesto trowelmachines

At this time we are working hard to get all the new machines online, at this moment we are showing our best selling models.
All of the models always include a lifting eye and the ride-on models always have a light system included.
For more specific details you can go to the product page of each trowel machine, the page also includes more information about the motor that is used specifically for the trowelmachine.

If your wanted product or piece of machine part is not shown, or there is a need for a custom machine, please feel free to contact us.

Trowelmachines are not only usefull for making new concrete floors, but are also great for renovating old ones

Built for performance, long life and easy operation

  • Newbesto Gear Box for heavy trowelling and rough handling
  • Centrifugal Safety Stop switch that shuts the engine down automatically in the event of operational emergencies
  • Precision control for blade pitch to ensure precise blade adjustment
  • Sturdy tri-tube chrome plated handle created to provide greater leverage and ease of control
  • Chrome guard ring for easy cleaning
  • Lifting hook for easy transport
  • Universal blades interchangeable with major trowel brands
  • All Newbesto trowelmachine petrol models include a top of the line Honda engine.

Newbesto trowelmachine B426 2

With a Honda GX-160 motor

NewBesto B-436 H5.5PK vlindermachine

With a Honda GX-160 motor

NewBesto B-436 H5.5PK vlindermachine

With a Honda GX-240 motor

Shortlist Newbesto
Trowelblade machines:

Walk behind trowelmachines





Sit on trowelmachines

B-436-2-S (H20/H25)

B-446-2 (H20/H25)

Newbesto Trowelmachines

With a Honda GX-340 motor

Newbesto Trowelmachines

With a Honda GX-620 motor

Newbesto Trowelmachines

With a Honda GX-690 motor

Newbesto Trowelmachines, blades and discs. The best trowel machines on the market, trowel parts, trowel blades, trowel discs and offcourse the Newbesto Gearboxes, Everything for your piece of concrete technology. Highly recommended for all your concrete projects, extremly big ones or smaller ones. All models have a top of the line Honda Engine.