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Welcome! we are Newbesto Concrete technology, we produce trowel machines, spare parts and the discs/ blades that you can use on any trowel machine.

Not all of our new machines are currently online. Some of our best selling models are however online right now on the machine page.

We are working hard to upload the rest of the models as soon as possible.Every model has a lifting eye, and all of our ride-on models have a light system.

More details can be found on the product page of each trowel machine. The product page also includes details about the engine that is used by every machine.

If the product you want is currently not online, or if you would like to order a custom made machine, then please feel free to contact us.

Newbesto Machine Parts

We also sell seperate machine parts. Buying separate machine parts might be cheaper than buying an entirly new machine, which can increase the durability and productivity of your machines and increase the value you will get for your money.

Our genuine quality parts are produced by highly trained technicians, who are able to make custom made parts for you as well.

If you are in need of a machine part that is not on the website, then please feel free to contact us.

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The new and easy to handle trowel machine!


Machine: B-426-H5.5 (kantafwerker)
Motor: Honda GX-160
HP: 5,5 pk
RPM: ca. 60-125

Built for performance, long life and easy operation

  • Newbesto Gear Box for heavy trowelling and rough handling
  • Centrifugal Safety Stop switch that shuts the engine down automatically in the event of operational emergencies
  • Precision control for blade pitch to ensure precise blade adjustment
  • Sturdy tri-tube chrome plated handle created to provide greater leverage and ease of control
  • Chrome guard ring for easy cleaning
  • Lifting hook for easy transport
  • Universal blades interchangeable with major trowel brands
  • All Newbesto petrol models include a top of the line Honda engine

Price on request

Newbesto Blades and Discs

Built to last, not only for Newbesto Trowelmachines

  • Finish Blades are made with hardened and tempered carbon steel
  • High carbon increases the abrasive resistance, resulting in longer life
  • Also available as specially formulated blue tempered steel for longer life and better finish
  • Packed with Plastic Thread Protectors
  • Blades are supplied for most of the trowel types

Price on request

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Newbesto Trowelmachines

Newbesto Trowelmachines
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